Leadershape Her

(by referral only)

I help women achieve the income and life they want without burning down their current career or business.

I am an effective mentor because I have been where you are, understand your struggles, and know how to overcome them. I can help you avoid the pitfalls hindering many women's path to success.

Sometimes, I had to learn the lesson myself, and sometimes, I was able to leverage the experiences of my world-class and industry-specific experts and mentors. My current level of success is 100% a direct result of the mentorship that I have received over the last 20+ years in my life, business, and career. Now, I am excited to help other women reach new levels of success in their own lives.

I am now accepting referrals to mentor:

Leadershape II - Managers into Team Leaders

Mid-career Professional Women who strongly desire growth, advancement, and overcoming obstacles within their careers.

Leadershape III - Team Leaders into Mentors

Women in Leadership Positions who are looking to enhance their skills and drive positive change within their respective industries or organizations.

Leadershape IV - Mentors into High-Performance Leaders

Women Aspiring to C-Suite Positions who aim to develop the necessary skills, mindset, and perspectives required for success in these high-level positions.

Leadershape I - Individuals

Female Entrepreneurs who have started their own businesses or are planning to.

My mentor John C. Maxwell
Live2Lead keynote speaker Ryan Leak
Trusted advisor Don Yaeger
My mentor John



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